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Microsoft will teach its browser to consume less RAM – 2024-03-31 04:36:04

2024-03-31 04:36:04

Microsoft is developing a tool to limit the amount of RAM consumed by the Edge browser.

As Day.Az reports with reference to, this function will prevent exceeding the limits set by the user, the Neowin portal reports.

The innovation was noticed in Edge Canary by a user of the social network X (formerly Twitter) with the nickname Leopeva64. So, Edge users will be able to set a limit for the amount of RAM consumed by the browser by moving the slider to the desired level. You can track your metrics in a special pop-up menu. The function will work both when using the browser itself and when launching games – the browser will detect their opening automatically.

Such a solution, according to Neowin experts, will be a useful tool for all Edge users, regardless of the power of their computer, as it will help redistribute RAM for the highest priority tasks. However, as Microsoft warns, the feature may negatively impact browser performance.

For now, the RAM limiter is only available to users of the latest test version of Edge Canary.

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