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Matsuko’s unknown world – The forefront of cheap, stylish and comfortable capsule hotels ▽ Cute & stamps to collect | MBS Mainichi Broadcasting

Cheap and clean…A revival of a hotel where you can stay with peace of mind!Resort capsules are rapidly increasing in tourist spots / Spacious latest model / Showa retro popular with young people
▽Food/Constellations…Stamps you want to collect & Stamps for treasures[Answer][Character]

Program content: The unknown world of Matsuko – The forefront of cheap, stylish and comfortable capsule hotels▽Cute & stamps you’ll want to collect
A man who travels to capsule hotels in 47 prefectures appears! Cheap and clean… Revival as a hotel where women can stay with peace of mind! Resort capsule hotels are rapidly increasing in famous tourist destinations/Spacious latest cabins/Enjoy Showa retro▽The world is paying attention to Japan’s advanced printing technology!Food/Constellations…Cute stamps that you’ll want to collect and treasures for your home!?High-priced stamps
Matsuko Deluxe

The world of capsule hotels…Yoshihiko Ida
The world of stamps…Mr. Kazuhiko Yamauchi, Mr. Yuki Itabashi

Official page[Twitter]

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