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Khoi My spoke up when rumored to have broken up with her young husband

Khoi My – Kelvin Khanh moved into the same house in 2017. Recently, after Khoi My posted the status: “What month did they break up”, rumors spread that the couple’s marriage was having problems.Khoi My immediately affirmed that the marriage was still happy. On her personal page, she posted a photo taken from behind with Kelvin Khanh.“While the world is making a mess, the two of us are thinking about whether to go buy milk tea first or go eat grilled meat first! It’s hard to choose,” Khoi My wrote.In fact, Khoi My’s status “What month did they break up” is related to the female singer’s upcoming music product.“On April 5, 2024, the full version will be released, guys. It came out quickly, but the rumors were so evil,” Khoi My expressed. Khoi My – Kelvin Khanh They fell in love while acting together in the MV Send it to me by the female singer debuted in 2014.The couple is like a shadow together.Khoi My and his wife often travel together.Khoi My shared a photo of her young husband holding hands.The couple is still as playful as when they first fell in love.Khoi My and his wife have not decided to have children yet.Watch video: “Funny moments of Khoi My’s husband”. Source FBNV

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