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Jamil Hasanli took the government to task for the “child allowance” issue – 2024-04-02 04:34:12

2024-04-02 04:34:12

In recent days, the issue of “child allowance” has become relevant again in Azerbaijan. The reason was that firstly, YAP deputy executive secretary, MP Siyavush Novruzaov, and then YAP executive secretary, deputy prime minister Ali Ahmadov voiced opinions indicating that they did not see the need to give “child’s money”. The chairman of the National Council, Jamil Hasanli, also commented on this issue on his Facebook page and harshly criticized the government for not wanting to give the “child allowance”. We present the article:

“After the children who grew up with the child allowance provided by the Soviet government, after becoming YAP “men”, why do they bring stupid arguments against giving child allowance to families living in need? One says that Azerbaijani families do not need child allowance because the YAP government brought the country to a “white day”, the other says that there is no need for it because there is no separate growth in the country except for child growth, etc. However, the same government spokesmen said that child allowance will be given some time ago they made sweet promises to the society. What happened, why are they breaking their promises now?

Before moving on to the reasons for this, let me say from the beginning that the government is doomed to pay child support and will pay it. There is simply no other way. The evidence against it does not bear any criticism. Families are in need. Not only did many of them not have the opportunity to send their children to school, to provide them with minimum medical care, to fulfill the most elementary household care of babies, even a large part of the country’s children were deprived of the right to normal nutrition. Some time ago, a mother who faced the problem of bread wrote that I don’t want the morning to come when it’s night, because if it does, the children will ask me for bread. There are thousands of such vaideyns who face bread dilemma in the country.

Why don’t they want to give child support? This is primarily related to the anti-national, criminal and corrupt nature of Ilham Aliyev’s policy. A government that steals the defense costs of a country whose territory is under occupation can experience the need of a child from the inside? After the January 19 rally, the government, which has spent up to 3 billion manats, shows resistance when it reaches the child allowance. No matter what excuse they give, they are condemned to pay child support, which should cost about 1.5 billion manats.

In order to enrich the ruling family, the unassigned funds directed to corruption projects in the budget should be child allowance. Limit juggling applied to gas, light should be eliminated. As for the zeal of Ali Ahmadov and Sayavush Novruzov, their approach is similar to the saying in an old Azerbaijani example: The master’s property goes, the hired man’s life dies! They turn a blind eye to the nation living in poverty and do not want their masters to spend a little.

How does it happen: you can blow the billions of this nation, which needs every cent, on meaningless European games, Formula obligations, leave the classrooms with snakes dangling from the roof where Azerbaijani children study, and to “cleanse” the false image of the ruling family, you can use the St. Petka temple, the Roman catacombs, the world’s most my call, you can spend millions on the renovation of the Louvre Palace, you can take 3 billion dollars out of the country in crooked and dirty ways and wash your dirty corpse in the “Azerbaijani laundry”, but you can’t find money to give to the children of the country who are in need? This is your anti-national essence, your anti-humanist morality, your morals that look out for orphans! What else can be said!”

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