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iShowSpeed accused of being stinky as videos and pictures of people covering their noses near him go viral

Internet sensation IShowSpeed found himself in an unexpected spotlight recently, thanks to a viral video capturing a rather peculiar encounter at a Waffle House as he gets called stinky by a female fan

Known for his unwavering fandom for Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his recent purchase of a Lamborghini themed after him, IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr, experienced an amusing moment when a female worker seemingly reacted to him with a gesture that suggested she found him unpleasantly odorous.

iShowSpeed accused of being stinky as videos and pictures of people covering their noses near him go viral on Twitter/X

The incident unfolded as IShowSpeed proudly displayed his Cristiano Ronaldo-themed Lamborghini at the Waffle House parking lot. Eager to share his enthusiasm with those around him, he offered hugs to passersby, including a female worker. However, the encounter took an unexpected turn when the woman, after embracing IShowSpeed, promptly covered her nose and walked away. This amusing gesture sparked a wave of speculation and humor across social media platforms, with many jokingly dubbing IShowSpeed as “stinky.”

Responding to the viral video, IShowSpeed took to his official X account to address the humorous accusation. In a characteristic fashion, he vehemently denied any claims of unpleasant body odor, asserting, “How tf u my updated page shutting on me ong i don’t stink wtf i took a shower last night and put deodorant that morning so stop playing with me.”

The origins of this bizarre episode lie in IShowSpeed’s unwavering devotion to Cristiano Ronaldo, a passion that transcends mere fandom. His latest acquisition, the Ronaldo-themed Lamborghini, is a testament to his adoration for the football superstar. With its flamboyant design and eye-catching colors, the car serves as an extension of IShowSpeed’s persona, embodying his admiration for Ronaldo’s style and charisma.

This lighthearted exchange quickly caught the attention of his followers and garnered widespread interest online. Despite the humorous nature of the incident, it serves as yet another testament to IShowSpeed’s larger-than-life persona and his ability to turn even the most ordinary moments into entertaining content for his audience.

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