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In Lakmos the Mountaineering Association of Ioannina – 2024-04-03 11:51:20

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The Mountaineering Association of Ioannina will hold three marches in Lakmos, starting from Anthochori, on Sunday, March 31.

All three marches will start from the “Saranda Rahes” location, with the first reaching Laka Daouti and returning to Anthochori. It is a category A course, lasting 5 hours, with an altitude gradient from 960 m to 1,480 m. The second course will continue after Laka Daouti to Auchena Tokis to return to Anthochori. It is a circular B’ category course, lasting 7 hours, with an altitude gradient from 960 m to 1,955 m. The third course will continue to the Giannaki Peak, at an altitude of 2,164 m. It is a C’ category course, circular), lasting 8 hours and the captain will be Christos Papachristos.
If the weather conditions are unfavorable, the degree of difficulty is increased and the route will be re-evaluated on site. Equipment: hiking boots, pair of walking sticks, personal first aid kit, windbreaker – waterproof, sunglasses, water, hat, suitable backpack. Clothing suitable for the season and a second change of clothes.
The departure will be at 7.30 in the morning from the parking lot of the central square (pay attention to the time change). Registrations are open every day and on Saturdays, from 7 pm to 9 pm, at the Association’s offices (Smyrnis 15). More information on the phones 2651022138 and 2651181068.

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