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“If Corporal Chae is not convinced by the investigation by the Corruption Investigation Office, I will first insist on a special prosecution.”

[尹대통령 취임 2주년 회견] Anticipation of veto of ‘Corporal Chae Special Prosecutor Act’
“We need to watch the ongoing investigation.”
They seem to have avoided directly mentioning the right to veto in awareness of public opinion.
野 plans a re-vote on the 28th in case of veto… The burden has grown on the Corruption Investigation Office, “Investigation as planned”

Staff present at the interviewjin Chief of Staff Jin-seok Jeong, Director of National Security Office Jang Ho-jin, Director of Policy Office Seong Tae-yoon, Senior Secretary to the President for Political Affairs Hong Cheol-ho (from the left in the front row, back row), Protocol Secretary Lee Ki-jeong, and Assistant Director Kang Kang-gu at a press conference held on the 9th at the Presidential Office Building in Yongsan, Seoul to mark the second anniversary of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s inauguration. , First Deputy Director of the National Security Office Kim Tae-hyo (back row, from left) is present and listening to questions and answers. Newsis

At a press conference marking the second anniversary of his inauguration on the 9th, President Yoon Seok-yeol cited respect for the ongoing investigation and judicial process as the main reason for opposing the ‘Corporal Chae Special Prosecutor Act’. He emphasized the position that the results of the investigation by the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office (Corruption Investigation Office) should be observed first, and announced that he would exercise his right to reconsider (veto) the Corporal Special Prosecutor Act after it was passed by the plenary session and transferred to the government. The ruling party analyzes that “it would have been difficult to bear the burden of accepting the investigation conducted by the special prosecutor recommended by the Democratic Party of Korea in this case, which could put not only his staff but also himself under investigation.” President Yoon seemed to be aware of the high public opinion in favor of a special investigation, saying, “If the people say, ‘There are suspicions about the investigation,’ or ‘I don’t understand it,’ then I will be the first to argue for a special investigation.”

With the possibility of a veto being passed through the Cabinet meeting on the 14th at the earliest, the opposition party immediately protested and pressed for immediate acceptance of the Special Prosecutor Act on Corporal Chae. As President Yoon announced that he would exercise his veto, the burden on the Corruption Investigation Office to uncover the truth has increased.

● 尹 “We have to wait and see the investigation and judicial process first.”

When asked about the Special Prosecutor Act on Corporal Chae at a press conference held in the Yongsan Presidential Office briefing room on this day, President Yoon said, “Even if we look at the purpose of the special prosecution, we must first keep an eye on the ongoing investigation and judicial procedures.” He added, “Those involved in the investigation or those in charge of the trial will be “Everyone in the province will work hard to uncover the truth with the same regret as me and our citizens, and with the same regret as Corporal Chae’s family,” he said. He then said, “How can this case be handled so roughly?” and added, “If the investigation is conducted, everything will inevitably be revealed.”

President Yoon expressed deep regret over Corporal Chae’s death in the line of duty. He said, “It is unfortunate and truly heartbreaking for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces that a young Marine with a bright future like Gu Man-ri died in the line of duty like this during a public support operation,” and emphasized, “In order to restore the honor of the victim and determine who is responsible, the truth must be thoroughly investigated.” . There is also an analysis that the reason President Yoon did not explicitly mention ‘exercising the right to veto’ was because he was conscious of the high public opinion in favor of a special prosecutor. An official from the President’s Office said, “Exercising the right to veto the Special Prosecutor Chae Act is inevitable to secure a sufficient investigation period,” and added, “The investigation will not be completed until the 22nd, when a decision must be made on whether to exercise the right to veto.”

The Special Prosecutor Act on Corporal Chae passed the plenary session of the National Assembly on the 2nd and was transferred to the government on the 7th. Since the veto can be exercised within 15 days after the bill is transferred to the government, President Yoon must decide whether to exercise it by the 22nd of this month. The possibility of a veto being passed at the Cabinet meeting on the 14th is being discussed.

Park Chan-dae, floor leader of the Democratic Party, held an emergency press conference after President Yoon’s meeting on this day and pressed for immediate acceptance of the Special Prosecutor Act on Corporal Chae. Floor leader Park warned, “If the president exercises his veto on the Special Prosecutor Act on Corporal Chae, the president will be solely responsible for everything that happens thereafter.” As President Yoon is highly likely to exercise his veto on the 14th, the Democratic Party plans to hold a re-vote on the Corporal Chae Special Prosecutor Act at the last plenary session of the 21st National Assembly scheduled for the 28th.

● Corruption Investigation Office, Lee Jong-seop and Shin Beom-cheol investigation policy

Regarding President Yoon’s press conference, the Corruption Investigation Office said, “It is not much different from the position of the President’s Office so far,” and “(The Corruption Investigation Office) has no special position.” The Corruption Investigation Office is speeding up the investigation by summoning the main suspects in the recent case. On the 26th and 29th of last month, the key suspect, Yoo Jae-eun, a legal manager at the Ministry of National Defense, was summoned for questioning. It is known that Manager Yoo spoke on the phone with Lee Si-won, former presidential secretary for public service and discipline, in the process of retrieving from the Gyeongbuk Police Agency the investigation results of the Marine Corps investigation team that identified eight suspects, including the division commander, on August 2 last year.

In addition, the Corruption Investigation Office summoned Park Kyung-hoon, former acting head of the Ministry of National Defense’s investigation headquarters, and Marine Corps Commander Kim Gye-hwan on May 2 and 6, respectively, to investigate. The Corruption Investigation Office prepared about 200 pages of questionnaires when investigating Commander Kim, but was unable to ask them all due to time constraints, so it is coordinating an additional investigation.

In the future, the Corruption Investigation Office plans to conduct investigations into higher-ups, including former Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop and former Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-cheol.

Reporter Lee Sang-heon
Reporter Kang Seong-hwi
Reporter Koo Min-ki

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