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Hunter x Hunter chapter 406 release date update as author Yoshihiro Togashi posts on Twitter/X

Have a look at the release date of Hunter x Hunter chapter 406

Hunter x Hunter is currently causing a stir, even without any new updates. This beloved Shueisha classic is gaining more hype by the day.

As Yoshihiro Togashi painstakingly continues to breathe life into the series, fans eagerly anticipate each rare manga installment. The tantalizing possibility of Hunter x Hunter chapter 406 feels within reach.

Hunter x Hunter manga chapter 406 release date as author Yoshihiro Togashi provides update

How do we know this? Well, we owe it to Yoshihiro himself. Though not a frequent user of social media, when he does post, the fandom erupts.

Recently, the artist began sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of Hunter x Hunter’s production. These posts confirmed the resumption of manga work, with Yoshihiro diving into chapter 406.

Hunter x Hunter Manga Return Date

This latest development indicates that the creator has completed work on chapter 405, signaling commendable progress.

While the exact return date for the manga remains uncertain, the gears are in motion but nothing has officially been informed about a chapter 406 release date currently.

Historically, Hunter x Hunter has returned to publication once Yoshihiro has accumulated enough chapters to fill a volume. If this pattern holds, fans might anticipate the new chapters by late 2024.

Naturally, fans are extending their best wishes to the Hunter x Hunter team. It’s widely known that Yoshihiro grapples with chronic health issues, many of which are exacerbated by his manga career.

After years of dedication to his craft, Yoshihiro’s health, particularly his back, has suffered. Hiatuses become necessary for him to prioritize self-care.

Now, with his health in a more favorable state, fans eagerly await the reunion with Gon, hoping for Hunter x Hunter’s return sooner rather than later.

Where to Read Hunter x Hunter Online

For those not up to speed with Hunter x Hunter, fear not. The series is readily accessible.

It’s acclaimed anime adaptation by Madhouse is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu. As for the manga, it can be enjoyed on Manga Plus or the Shonen Jump app.

For those unaware of the series, the official synopsis of Hunter x Hunter reads, “Gon is a young boy with aspirations of following his father’s footsteps to become a Hunter.

“But before achieving this dream, he must conquer the notoriously perilous Hunter Qualification Exam. Along his path, Gon faces numerous challenges, forging new friendships along the way!”

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