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Hernán Torres begins to define the 11 that will take to the field against Negriazul, on Sunday at the Capwell. – 2024-04-04 17:18:25

The sixth date of Phase 1 of the LigaPro has a great game as its main course: on Sunday, from 6 p.m. at the George Capwell, Emelec and Independiente del Valle will face each other.

It will be a duel between the leaders of the stage! And if there is a winner, they will have an advantage at the top. To pursue that goal, Hernán Torres began to define the team to beat Matagigantes.

Bombillo comes from a significant frustration last date: they beat Orense in Machala with a goal from Facundo Castelli, but They tied it in extra time for a penalty in favor of the Bananeros at 97 minutes! That is why the Blues will have double motivation: recover from that blow and be leaders alone.

Looking ahead to the duel against IDV, DT Torres would have a key return: Pedro Ortiz, one of the figures of Emelech. The experienced goalkeeper was out against Orense due to an injury and his place was taken by Gilmar Napa. The goalkeeper would have left the physical discomfort behind and would be in a position to return to starting.

The rest of the starting 11 would be the basis of the team that is undefeated so far in the 2024 season: the L pillars remaineón and Leguizamón at the back, the axis of the middle with Meli and Erbes, and up top the scorer Facundo Castelli.

The big doubt that Bombillo maintains is Cristhian Noboa… In a week full of rumors and versions, the presence of the Tsar (who has not yet made his debut upon his return to the club) is a complete unknown. Although those around the team assured that he overcame the discomfort that keeps him inactive, it was also mentioned that he could even undergo surgery next Monday.

Hernán Torres, Emelec coach, in the duel against Orense.

The possible alignment of Emelec

Before IDV, Emelec would line up with:Pedro Ortiz; Romario Caicedo, Luis Fernando Leon, Hannibal Leguizamon, Gustavo Cortez; Christian Erbes, Marcelo Meli, Washington Corozo, John Jairo Sanchez, Juan Ruiz and Facundo Castelli.

Schunke: “It’s going to be a nice, spicy match…”

Richard Schunke, defender of the Negriazul team, anticipated what will be the big game on day six of the competition. “The game against Emelec is important for us, they are a very difficult opponent on their field, they have started very well. We are very even today, we are going to work our game on a daily basis and get the best result. Afterwards, if we continue playing in the same way the goals will come, we have scored in every game. “That’s good,” said the Argentine.

“A bit of rivalry was generated with Emelec, it’s going to be a nice, spicy and very difficult game for us,” commented the defender, remembering the final against the Blues in 2021. On the other hand, he highlighted Facundo Castelli, scorer and figure of the electrical panel: «Castelli is having a good time, he showed it in Delfín. We center backs have looked at him a lot, he is a player who demands a lot and who runs a lot. We are going to be attentive there, then they have wingers who are extremely fast: Corozo, Sánchez who we had here. “They are players who unbalance the transitions and will be very important for us.”

Schunke, in addition to being central, can play at left back if required. This multifunctionality is something that Agustín García Basso also had, who left the club at the beginning of the year to join the Racing Club of Argentina and was a big loss for the team. «I have played on the left when Miguel Angel Ramírez was there and I have gotten used to it, this time I have played there, the teacher puts me there, always adding where I have to be, on the left, on the right. Stopper, libero, is important to add to the team,” he stated.

Something that stands out about the Valle team is their scoring ability. In all the matches they have scored at least one goal, but they have also only conceded four goals: «They were both very different matches, what happened against Técnico and Aucas. With Aucas we were able to widen the difference before, and keeping a clean sheet is very important, especially for us defenders. “It’s what leads you to continue winning.”

By: Diario OLÈ.COM

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