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Gustavo Bolívar Director of Social Prosperity – 2024-05-11 04:40:19

2024-05-11 04:40:19

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The director of Social Prosperity, Gustavo Bolívar, revealed transformation plans in government policies, following President Gustavo Petro’s mandate to replace subsidies with productive projects. Bolívar emphasized the need to end subsidies, arguing that they fail to lift people out of poverty. Instead, he proposed associating beneficiaries with productive projects, providing seed capital to encourage entrepreneurship and business creation.

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During his participation in the second day of the Government with the Popular Neighborhoods in Barranquilla, Bolívar discussed the transformations that the national Government seeks to implement, particularly in Social Prosperity activities to promote productive projects, remember that President Petro had previously announced in Bogotá that Social Prosperity would seek for people who overcome poverty to organize and access credit to start solid associative companies.

Both the president and Bolívar have communicated the intention to link the beneficiaries of subsidies in new dynamics of production and development, as reflected in the new policies of the Young Income and Citizen Income initiatives. “It is the Government’s wish that the popular neighborhoods of the large cities also benefit from the change,” said Bolívar, who highlighted the president’s call to the entire cabinet to find solutions for people in extreme poverty and vulnerability.

At the beginning of 2024, Social Prosperity presented the new policies of the renewed Citizen Income and Youth Income programs, which include actions beyond the simple economic transfer, such as support and monitoring for targeted populations.

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In the case of Renta Joven, the initiative not only seeks to consolidate educational permanence with economic transfers, but also to generate employment, entrepreneurship and postgraduate education opportunities for the beneficiaries and in terms of transfer programs, according to official information from Social Prosperity, The corresponding cycles of the year are being met, with Citizen Income and Youth Income in their first stage of payments until mid-May.

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