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Google Drive adds dark mode to its web version: how to use it – 2024-04-03 13:40:38

2024-04-03 13:40:38

After having enabled the dark theme on mobile devices, Google Drive is already preparing the arrival of this feature to the web version. A feature that users have been waiting for to improve the visual experience on the platform and adapt to what can be done on other platforms.

The tool has not yet been officially launched by the company, but from 9to5Google They assure that several users in the world are having access to it and that the rollout will soon be made to the rest of the accounts.

Dark mode is a function that provides visual comfort to many users and allows the computer to have to make less effort to brighten the screen, consuming less energy.

The arrival of this tool to Drive will only affect the interface of the cloud storage application, so documents, slides and spreadsheets will continue to be viewed in their original format.

The application enabled this option on the web, after having done so in the mobile version. (9to5Google)

Thus, The app joins other company sites that have this mode or a similar version available, such as Google Keep, Chat, Google Search, YouTube and Gmailboth in its versions for desktop web browsers and for applications on cell phones and tablets.

The arrival of dark mode to Google Drive for the web will be progressive and for now not all users can access it. However, once it is active, the activation process will be very simple.

For those who want to try this new feature or check if it is already available, the step by step is as follows:

  1. Open Drive in the browser, with our Google account.
  2. Select the configuration option, represented by a gear, located in the upper right part of the screen.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Access the General Appearance section.
  5. In this section, there will be the option to choose the desired display mode, including dark mode.

The application enabled this option on the web, after having done so in the mobile version. (9to5Google)

It is important to note that, for the moment, There is no possibility of automatically synchronizing dark mode with the operating system or with the settings in the version for mobile devices. This means that users will have to activate it manually according to their preferences, either permanently or only when they need it.

The dark theme not only offers an aesthetically different look, but also provides several benefits to the platform’s user experience. In low-light environments, such as at night or in low-light locations, dark mode reduces eye strain by decreasing the contrast between the background and text. This can help ensure that long days of work or study in front of the screen generate less visual wear.

Besides, For those using devices with OLED displays, dark mode can be even more beneficial to device performance. By displaying mostly black backgrounds, less power is required to illuminate the pixels, which can translate into significant battery savings and greater energy efficiency.

Dark mode can help devices consume less power.  (Tinder)

Dark mode can help devices consume less power. (Tinder)

This is not to say that using light mode is a negative thing. Each option has its benefits and, for example, eThe light theme allows for better readability of the content and the colors look higher quality.

Therefore, the adjustment of this configuration depends on the tastes and needs of each user, that is why Some applications allow you to easily switch between the two or allow light mode to be active during the day and dark mode to be enabled at night.

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