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Gold Price in Chennai Surges by Rs.560 per Sawan: Records Steep Increase of Rs.2,000 in One Week

2024-04-03 12:37:37

Chennai: As of yesterday morning, the price of gold in Chennai has increased by Rs.560 per sawan.

The price of gold has increased by more than Rs 2,000 in a single week and has shocked people.

As of Tuesday, gold was trading at Rs.6430 per gram, while one sawan was trading at Rs. 51,440 were also sold.

In this case, yesterday morning, one gram of gold rose by Rs. 70 to Rs. 6,500, a new high, and one gram of gold rose to Rs. 52,000 on sale.

Seikouli, Setaram and GST. People are saying that the sale of a Sawaran gold at more than Rs.54,000 along with other things is worrying.

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