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Fans celebrate Shakib’s birthday in Times Square (VIDEO) – 2024-03-29 11:43:03

2024-03-29 11:43:03

A still image of Dhallywood king Shakib Khan adorns the illuminated billboard. It reads – ‘We love you.’ After that, stills and video clips of the movie ‘Priyatma’ starring Shakib were displayed on the billboard. FR Farzana Akhtar, an American expatriate, has posted several videos on her Facebook. It shows such a scene.

Times Square in the city of New York, USA is called one of the centers of world entertainment. And Shakib Khan’s picture and video are displayed on the biggest billboard in Times Square.

Basically, yesterday was Dhallywood King Shakib Khan’s birthday. On this occasion, his fans celebrated the beloved hero’s birthday at Times Square.

In this regard, Farzana Akhter said, ‘Today, as a Shakibiyan, dreams come true! This celebration at New York Times Square is dedicated to the great hero Shakib Khan on behalf of all Shakibians. Happy birthday! Shakibiyans love you.’

Another Shakib fan said, ‘I am very happy today. The reason for this joy is Bangladeshi superstar Shakib Khan. Today we celebrated the beloved hero’s birthday in Times Square. Shakib Khan has spread the fame of his superstar across the borders of Bangladesh.’

Along with Shakib’s picture on billboards, Shakib fans cut a cake in Times Square.

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