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“Even after several weeks, elements can be discovered”

2024-04-03 14:56:58

Almost two months after the disappearance of Erwan, 18, in Deux-Sèvres, his mother-in-law tries to relaunch the investigation. Karine called this Wednesday for a “citizen mobilization” to find her son who disappeared outside a nightclub, La Morinière, on the night of February 10 to 11 in Moncoutant-sur-Sèvre.

“Within a radius of 10, 20 or even 30 km around La Morinière I ask each person to search each space, again and again. I invite each resident, walker, farmer, to check each field, wood, water point, shed… We know today, as in the case of little Emile, that even after several weeks elements can be discovered,” writes Karine, Erwan’s mother-in-law, in her citizen appeal.

The weather “did not work in our favor”

Contacted by 20 Minutes, she explained that “we had been thinking about this initiative for a few days” and that “unfortunately the affair of little Emile only reinforced what we were already imagining, since we had testimony to this effect, namely that it regularly happens that we find elements in areas already searched several weeks, even several months later. »

Erwan’s mother-in-law thinks that this is all the more plausible in this case, as “not everything could have been searched” during the searches carried out around the nightclub, given the very large surface area of ​​the area. , “studded with many water points”. Finally, the weather in recent weeks “has not worked in our favor. » “We have experienced torrential rains, so we are not immune to something happening at some point; or that we find an object on a bank when the water level begins to drop. We shouldn’t miss it. »

“Doing nothing is just unbearable”

“In any case, we cannot stay without doing anything” continues Erwan’s mother-in-law, admitting to being “in an unbearable position. » “We are here waiting for justice to tell us something. We are absolutely not kept informed of any progress of the research; doing nothing is just unbearable. » The goal of his citizen appeal is therefore, also, “that people do not forget, that they keep Erwan in memory. »

Karine finally hopes that, “if people are involved in this disappearance”, this initiative will convince them to come forward, “even anonymously, through a hidden call, a note in the mailbox of a gendarmerie, a message on social networks…”

The Niort public prosecutor’s office has opened a judicial investigation for “disturbing disappearance.” » Today, the work of investigators continues, notably with the analysis of the elements collected, whether video surveillance images or the phones of relatives, seized in the days following Erwan’s disappearance.

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