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Erode MP A. Ganeshmurthy passes away due to heart attack: MDMK leader’s unexpected death shakes Tamil Nadu

2024-03-28 01:52:04

Erode MP A. Ganeshmurthy passed away; The hospital said it was due to a heart attack MDMK | Tamil Nadu | Ganeshamoorthy Erode MP A. Ganeshamoorthy passed away; The hospital said it was due to a heart attack

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Published: March 28 , 2024 06:51 AM IST

Updated: March 28, 2024 07:34 AM IST

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A. Ganesha Murthy

Coimbatore: Erode MP A. Ganeshmurthy passed away. He passed away at a private hospital in Coimbatore. The hospital officials said that the death was due to heart attack. Ganeshmurthy was found unconscious in his room at 2.30 am on Sunday and was admitted to the hospital.

He was taken to a private hospital in Erode and later shifted to Coimbatore for specialist treatment. There were reports that Ganeshamurthy attempted suicide. Sleeping pills mixed with water were found in the room. Erode Surampatti police are investigating.

This time in the Lok Sabha elections, the DMK, which is a part of India Front, is contesting from the Erode seat. Instead, the Viruthunagar seat was given to the constituent party MDMK. The candidate here is the son of MDMK leader Vaiko. Ganeshmurthy had told everyone that this time too the party will give him a seat.

But it is said that the party shifted the seat and announced a new candidate without even consulting senior leader Ganesamurthy. Party workers also say that Ganeshamurthy was in a mental state. The 77-year-old MP has been jailed several times for his party. MLA and MP twice.

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