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Enlisted: Reinforced Apology and Removal from Steam – Pricing and Account Linkage Issues

2024-04-02 04:25:17

“Enlisted”, in which one person leads an AI squad to fight World War II, launched an early access version of “Enlisted: Reinforced” on Steam on March 28. However, due to the game’s pricing strategy and account linkage, it received negative reviews from the player community. This official special announcement apologized, and the game was removed from the Steam store the next day.

“Enlisted” is a free World War II shooting game developed by the Darkflow Software team and published by Hungarian game publisher Gaijin Entertainment. The main focus is a 100-player battlefield online war game where players can lead an AI squad to kill enemies by one person, and freely switch the perspective of the squad to operate.

This game was launched for free on the Gaijin platform in 2021, while the early access version of “Enlisted: Reinforced” on Steam is a paid game with additional DLC content priced at US$20.

For players who have previously operated accounts on the Gaijin platform, they have complained that “Enlisted: Reinforced” requires additional payment to play. More importantly, the account linking channel officially released by Gaijin has caused many Steam players to complain about linking accounts. An error occurred.

to this end,Official special announcement explanationthis is because the player’s account mailbox on Gaijin.Net does not match the Steam account mailbox, resulting in a technical error during the account linking process. They apologize for this problem, and also understand that many players are concerned about the binding of DLC content for “Enlisted: Reinforced” We were dissatisfied with the pricing strategy, so we decided to remove the early access version first.

Gaijin did not specify when “Enlisted: Reinforced” will be restored to the shelves, but assured that players who have purchased the “Enlisted: Reinforced” game can still play the game through Steam. They are currently actively solving technical problems with account link errors.

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