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Controversies• Mercy petition for Afzal Guru
In 2011, he tried to pass a resolution in the state assembly, seeking mercy petition for Afzal Guru, who was a co-conspirator in the Indian Parliament attack in 2001.

Demand for revocations of 1862 Beef Ban Law
In 2014, he demanded a revocation for the Beef Ban Law which was passed in 1862 and bans slaughter, sale and possession of beef in Kashmir.

Demand for apology from Kashmiri Pandits
In April 2015, he demanded Kashmiri Pandits to provide an unconditional apology for leaving Kashmir and said,

“Kashmiri Pandits must seek unconditional apology from the majority community for migration and leaving them behind at the mercy of guns, grenades, bullets, crack-downs, PSAs, AFSPA, custodial killings, rapes, murders, forced labor, custodial disappearances, humiliation and rule of lawlessness”

Attacked for hosting a beef party
On 8 October 2015, he was attacked by a few BJP MLAs inside the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly for hosting a beef party. On 19 October 2015, he was attacked with black ink and mobil oil by members of the Hindu Sena in New Delhi.

Detained for marching towards the Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed’s residence
In November 2015, he was detained while marching towards the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mufti Sayeed’s residence in an attempt to boycott the killing of Gowhar Ahmad Dar, who was killed by a tear smoke shell allegedly fired by police to disperse a stone-pelting mob.

Demand for plebiscite
In 2016, he stated that Kashmir is not an integral part of India or Pakistan. He demanded for a plebiscite (vote) to let the people of Kahmir decide where they want to go, and said,

“You need to give the Kashmiris the right to decided whether they want to be part of this side of Kashmir or that side of Kashmir or if they want something else”

Support for Pakistan’s cricket team
In 2017, after India lost to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final, a television journalist asked him whom did he support. He replied that he supported Pakistan’s cricket team.

Arrested under UAPA
In 2017, he was summoned by NIA in a case related to terror funding. In August 2019, soon after the removal of Article 370, Engineer Rashid was charged with UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act) by the National Investigation Agency and arrested (NIA). On 16 March, 2022 he was further accused for inciting disaffection against the government of India and armed forces and accepting funds from Pakistan.

Assets/Properties (as of 2024)Movable Assets
• Deposits in Banks, Financial Institutions, and Non-Banking Financial Companies: Rs. 1,424

Immovable Assets
• Non-Agricultural Land: Rs. 65,00,000
• Residential Buildings: Rs. 90,00,000

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