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Employment, unemployment, health… Minister of Labor Catherine Vautrin defends her own partition

2024-03-29 19:32:36

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“Subjects concerning work go through social dialogue and are arbitrated at Grenelle,” specifies the Minister of Labor, Catherine Vautrin (here, February 28, at the Élysée). Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas Via Reuters Connect

DECRYPTION – Faced with a very lively Bruno Le Maire on the question of the social model, the Minister of Labor is determined to make his mark.

« She doesn’t have time to write books », we whisper on rue de Grenelle. Catherine Vautrin couldn’t have said it better… The Minister of Labor, Health and Solidarity is not one of those who are afraid of words. On the contrary. But she finds that they only carry more weight when they are not drowned in a constant flow. « I like rare speech, I think it’s a virtue », she assumes. If some people feel targeted, it will not displease him. If others think this is a weakness, she will tell them that « it’s at the end of a concert that we pay the musicians ».

The three months she has just spent at the ministry have allowed her to delve into the multitude of issues for which she is now responsible: the health of the French, end of lifethe addiction… « In-depth work is his trademark », said those around him. Recently, questions of employment and unemployment have risen to the top of his pile of files. Sluggish growth, creations…

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