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Driver receives 10 fines in less than 3 minutes in Santa Tecla – 2024-04-04 08:00:30

2024-04-04 08:00:30

Following a complaint from the Mayor’s Office of Santa Tecla, the Vice Ministry of Transportation (VMT) proceeded to sanction a driver who committed various violations of the General Traffic Regulations, events that were recorded on camera.

According to information from the VMT, the driver of the vehicle with plates P 45 D7A must pay $434.30 in fines for all infractions committed on 9 Oriente Street and 7 Norte Avenue, Santa Tecla La Libertad.

The accused was punished for the following offenses:

-Not respecting the vehicle line ($34.29)

-Get into the wrong lane at the street entrance to start the journey ($34.29)

-Failure to respect the right of way ($34.29)

-Do not grant the right of way to pedestrians ($34.29

-Do not respect caution signs ($34.29)

-Stop over pedestrian safety zones ($34.29)

-Back up or perform maneuvers on busy roads ($57.14)

-Drive in the wrong direction ($57.14)

-Not respecting the red light ($57.14)

-Overtaking a vehicle when another is coming from the opposite direction, and said maneuver causes danger ($57.14)

In total, there were 10 violations that said driver committed in less than 3 minutes, where he could have easily caused a traffic accident in that area.

“We will continue working in a coordinated manner to punish violators of the Law,” the VMT wrote on its social networks.

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