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“Dream Ship” Easter episode fails with viewers: “Cringe of Death”

“The Dream Ship” is simply a must for many TV viewers at Christmas and Easter. One and a half hours of sailing through the oceans with Florian Silbereisen as Captain Max Parger and Barbara Wussow as Hanna Liebhold, while all sorts of family and love dramas unfold on the cruise ship. As so often, stars like Simone Thomalla (58) and Nelson Müller (45) were guests on the trip to Phuket, who were primarily intended to attract young viewers in front of the screens. But did this plan work?

Bumpy stories without explanation in “The Dream Ship”

The Easter episode not only had a real influencer in Riccardo Simonetti (31), one of the stories on board also revolved around the topic. Beauty influencer Sophia Blum (Anna-Lena Schwing) hooked up with law student Cedric Rust (Rojan Juan Baranian), who helped her produce stories for her community between romantic moments.

Influencer Sophia Blum (Anna-Lena Schwing) and Cedric Rust (Rojan Juan Barani).ZDF/Dirk Bartling

A real influencer would have been anything but happy with the result in landscape format. It’s just a small detail, but the mere fact that Sophia didn’t point out to her flirt that cell phone videos for social media should be shot in portrait format shows how little those responsible seem to have really dealt with the topic.

The story surrounding the lesbian couple Annika Ehler (Maxine Kazis) and Melly Sturm (Marija Mauer) also seemed a bit bumpy. It took many minutes before the two were even perceived as a couple and the first kiss fell between them.

And then there is trainee Oliver Sander (Maximilian Gehrlinger), who sabotaged the work of hotel manager Hanna Liebhold. The detective team led by the two captains solved the case within the last five minutes and prevented the catastrophe just in time. However, the “dream ship” did not provide its viewers with an explanation as to why Oliver Sander mutated into a schemer.

Trainee Oliver Sander (Maximilian Gehrlinger) and Hanna Liebhold (Barbara Wussow).ZDF/Dirk Bartling

TV viewers reacted ambivalently to the Easter successes

Online, fans were divided. The “Dream Ship” in Phuket wasn’t the worst episode, but it couldn’t cause any enthusiasm either. Most people failed it, which was not least due to the somewhat halting stories and dialogues.

“Today wasn’t bad, bad or terrible, just boring. A pity.”

“It couldn’t be worse! NOT AT ALL!!”

“No, please explain, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense at all! But the authors probably didn’t want to put in that much effort anymore.”

“Oh, holy mackerel, it’s all cringe of death.” ■

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