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Dilraba Dilraba’s ultimate beauty 10 years ago

Recently, Chinese social networks spread a photo comparing her beauty Dilraba Dilmurat 10 years ago compared to now. It can be seen that the beauty of Xinjiang wore national costumes to show off her outstanding beauty, making people unable to take their eyes off.

Many viewers think that Dilraba Dilraba’s beauty worthy of the title “First Beauty of Xinjiang” because she is beautiful over time. If 10 years ago, her beauty had many childish features, clear and quite gentle. At the age of 33, the little flower girl’s facial features were sharper, more mature and more attractive.

Dilraba Dilmurat was born in the city of Xinjiang – China. Her father is a singer in the Xinjiang Music and Dance troupe and has been talented in art since childhood. She proactively studies piano, violin, dance, and other art forms.

When Dilraba was 9 years old, she was taken to the Academy of Arts to take the exam and was accepted into the Professional Dance Academy, so she studied traditional dance from here. After becoming a dancer with the Xinjiang Music and Dance troupe, she studied for a preparatory year at Northeast Normal University, and during this time she participated in the New Song Competition for ethnic minorities. for the first time in Jilin province and achieved third prize overall.

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The Xinjiang beauty made her official debut with the lead role in the movie A Na Er Han in 2013. She graduated from the Shanghai Drama Academy with the performance department and joined the Gia Hanh Thien Ha company, starting her career in the entertainment world. . In 2014, she graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy in performance department.

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At now, Dilraba belongs to the A-list star group sought after on Chinese screens. The Xinjiang beauty made a special impression after participating in famous films such as: Three Lives, Three Worlds: Ten Li Peach Blossoms, The First Minister, Happiness is within reach, Truong Ca Hanh, You are the pride of you, An Lac Truyen…

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