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Dare to Love Me Kdrama episode 3 and 4 release date, time and where to watch ep online

The fans are excited for Dare to Love Me ep 3 and 4 whose release date is finally out now.

A history and antiquities scholar, “Shin Yoon-bok” comes from a family with a deep blue line. He has been tasked with the most important mission. It is for preserving the heritage of the Joseon Dynasty and also finding the valuable artifacts of his family heritage.

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Dare to Love Me Kdrama 2024 episode 3 and 4 release date, time and where to watch ep online

Get ready for Dare to Love Me Episode 3 and 4 which are all set to release on May 20 and 21, 2024, at 10:10 KST/6.40 PM IST. The series is scheduled for 16 episodes with two episodes released every week.

What Exactly Happened so far?

In the previous episode, fans saw Hong-do end up in Yoon-bok’s arms. She then thought about how her ex had pushed her away and Yoon-bok caught her. She started to feel awkward and said goodbye and quickly ran to escape to avoid this situation.

But the next morning she was shocked when she saw Yoon-bok on the rooftop of the nearby building. She learned that he was going to stay here temporarily from now on. Even at breakfast, her brother was teasing him about Yoon-bok starting to live near as neighbors.

After that we saw when Hong-do was leaving the house, she met with Yoon-bok. Their interaction is awkward but Yoon-bok is smart and gives an excuse so that they can leave. Next in the episode we saw, Yoon-bok wanted to enter the nightclub once again but got rejected.

He asked Gi-chan help for with the VIP area but was dissatisfied with the clothes. And again this time, coincidentally Yoon-bok and Hong-do met again in the club. While being in the club, Yoon-bok found a hidden room. A man was tied there so he helped that person. Then they were faced by attackers but Yoon-bok managed to scare them and called for help. Coworker tensions escalate the next day when Hong-do confronts Hyang-gi about stealing her design.

Where You Can watch Dare to Love Me Episode 3 and 4 

Only on Netflix and Viki streaming platforms, fans can watch Dare to Love Me Episode 3 and 4.


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