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Daniel Noboa presents on Wall Street the “achievements” of his first 100 days in office – 2024-03-27 20:40:16

2024-03-27 20:40:16

Daniel Noboa made known to Wall Street investors his plans for cooperation with the United States. He highlighted governability due to the agreement that he maintains in the Assembly.

This March 1, President Daniel Noboa presented to Wall Street investors the progress his government has made in these first 100 days of administration, and the future plans for the country. During his visit to New York, he informed those present at the talk about the measures that he claims to have adopted to strengthen the economy, have governability, ensure security and promote the development of Ecuador.

Noboa took advantage of his presence in the United States to announce his intention to promote commercial integration, employability, security and economic stability with that country. The objective is to consolidate key financing for projects in infrastructure, renewable energy or inclusive financial services.

For the president, there are signs of confidence for Ecuador from abroad thanks to the policies implemented: “Now things have changed. “We have reduced the country’s risk and all the laws we have sent have been approved with a large majority in the Assembly.”

He mentioned the first law – with an urgent economic nature – approved in the Legislature with 107 votes, called the Law of Economic Efficiency and Employment Generation which, according to the Government, in one month of validity generated 50,000 jobs for young people.

Internal armed conflict

President Noboa also explained to investors that, on January 9, he declared an internal armed conflict against narcoterrorism.

Given this decision, Noboa said that citizens and other functions of the State supported the decision to fight against more than 20 groups that are now classified as terrorists, which threaten the security of Ecuadorian territory.

Furthermore, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the constitutionality of these decisions. Which would be, according to the president, a sign of the governability that the country is experiencing.


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