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Comuñanga journalist complains about the abusive price of fuel – 2024-04-04 11:00:34

2024-04-04 11:00:34

The journalist from Comuñanga, Jesús Álvarez, expressed his frustration through social networks due to the high fuel prices in Cuba, which prevented him from acquiring the assigned regulated gasoline.

Álvarez, who works in the state press and defends the dictatorship, is suffering, just like ordinary Cubans, from the communism that he defends so much and stated that the cost of fuel would require the entire monthly salary.

“I got a gas ticket but I couldn’t buy it, 30 (liters) times 156 equal to 4,680 pesos, my monthly salary. This is an abusive price,” she stated on social media.

In their publication, Cubans took the opportunity to complain about the same situation, stating that on the island they are forced to walk to be able to get around because fuel is unpurchasable. Others claim that after this situation, the cost of a ticket on public transportation increases and also decreases. becomes inaccessible.

“And what price is not abusive for those below?, without words, however, those who have the business of throwing away tickets, who are the ones who take advantage of it, did not raise it and you will see how soon they will raise the price to the fare alleging that gasoline is expensive, since we know that in addition to what the state sells they also buy it on the street, not to mention that many have already raised it, I, for example, had to pay 800 pesos for the hospital maternal to the diversion of weeds because I had just had a cyst on my face operated on, this cannot be fixed my friend,” commented María Elena Rodríguez.

These comments reflect the growing concern among the Cuban population regarding the economic situation, which worsens after the recent update of retail and wholesale fuel prices, announced by the appointed prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, in December 2023. .

Marrero Cruz justified the measure as a way to equate the price of fuel for tourists and foreign visitors to the international value, although he recognized the need to also update prices for nationals to avoid speculation. However, he assured that “support” would be provided to professionals such as doctors who depend on transportation for their work.

However, Cubans are tired of the lies of the communist leaders who only keep the people in greater misery and poverty every day.

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