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CHP Makes Historic Gains in Turkey’s Local Elections: AKP Suffers Defeat

2024-04-01 20:30:00

02 April 2024, 02:00 AM IST

Progress for the opposition CHP

Photo: AFP

Ankara: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Law and Justice (AKP) party candidates lost in the local elections held in Turkey on Sunday. The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) retained power in all major cities, including Istanbul and Ankara. In many other places they wrested seats from AKP.

When 90 percent of the votes were counted, 36 municipalities in 81 provinces were CHP. won CHP is also in the strongholds of AKP. Won. She won 37 percent of the vote nationwide. AKP got 36 percent votes.

Since Erdogan came to power two decades ago, the CHP This is the biggest election win ever. Erdogan accepted defeat. The message given by the people is A.K.P. He said he would check and make a bold self-criticism.

CHP in the capital Ankara. Candidate and current mayor Mansoor Yavas won easily. In Istanbul, the incumbent mayor Ikram Imamolu secured victory. CHP got 50.6 percent of the votes. Candidate Imamolu won. A.K.P. Candidate Murat Kurum got only 40.5 percent votes.

Istanbul, the financial capital of Turkey, is the birthplace of Erdogan. It was his point of pride to defeat Imamolu here. The victory this time will strengthen Imamolu, who is likely to be the opposition candidate against Erdogan in the 2028 presidential election.

This time the turnout was 78 percent. Last time it was 87 percent. 5.94 Security personnel were deployed and a heavy guard was kept, but clashes broke out at two places. One person died in clashes in Diyarbakir. 11 people were injured. Six people were injured in the scuffle in Sanliurfa.

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