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China zoo showed dogs painted black and white and said they were pandas

2024-05-12 16:55:51

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A zoo in China caused annoyance among its visitors after it showed dogs painted black and white y made them go through pandas.

According to several people who went to the scene, the zoo assured that it was baby pandasHowever, they quickly noticed that they acted like a different species.

Before this situation, visitors accused the venue of animal abusesince they accused that the paint used on the dogs it was toxic for them.

China Zoo exhibits black and white painted dogs; He claimed they were pandas

A zoo Chinalocated in the city of Taizhouraised controversy after announcing a new panda exhibition.

For this reason, several people came to the place to observe these beautiful animals native to that country.

However, when they looked at the animals that were part of the exhibition, they realized that they were dogs that had been painted black and whiteas they had small legs and an elongated trunk.

These were several specimens of the breed Chow Chowwhich were manipulated to make it look like they were a group of pandas that had arrived at the zoo.

Given these events, the visitors accused the venue of fraudin addition to denouncing that the place was committing animal abuse.

The reasons were that the paint, used to dye the dogs’ hair, would be made with chemicals that could represent a health hazard of these animals.

China zoo admits tricking visitors with dogs painted like pandas

The medium of Chinese origin, Jiupai newsdetailed that the Taizhou Zooderived from the multiple complaints that people made, ended up accepting that it was all a publicity farce.

According to the leadership of the place, the enclosure does not have the capacity to store pandas, so they looked for this strategy attract more visitors.

In relation to the complaint filed for painting animals, they assured that their practices They were not animal abusebecause according to their argument, people dye their hair, so it is possible to do the same with dogs.

China zoo showed dogs painted black and white and said they were pandas (Capture)

2024-05-12 16:55:51

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