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Cameroon: The tax authorities innovate and simplify the IRPP declaration with a revolutionary platform! – 2024-04-04 08:26:43

2024-04-04 08:26:43

A small revolution is underway in the declaration of Personal Income Tax (IRPP) in Cameroon for the financial year 2024. In a radio-press release broadcast on March 7, 2024, the Minister of Finance informs the taxpayers concerned the establishment of an electronic electronic declaration platform, accessible 24/7 via the web portal of the Directorate General of Taxes (

A mandatory annual declaration for all income

This measure applies to all individuals receiving income from salaries, wages, pensions, life annuities, financial investments, property income and, in general, all remuneration of any kind. In accordance with article 74 bis of the General Tax Code, these taxpayers are now required to submit an annual summary declaration of their income no later than June 30 of each year.

Electronic declaration, a major step forward for taxpayers 🖱️

By establishing this online declaration platform, the Cameroonian tax administration is taking a decisive step towards modernity and the simplification of procedures for taxpayers. No more endless queues at tax centers, now it’s time to file online, from your computer or smartphone, at any time of the day or night. Considerable progress which should make the lives of thousands of Cameroonians easier.

Complete support for a smooth transition

Aware that this reform involves a significant change in the habits of taxpayers, the Minister of Finance has planned a complete support system. Training sessions will be organized by the tax administration according to a schedule which will be published soon. In addition, an awareness caravan will travel throughout the national territory to provide the necessary support to users.

Multi-channel support to answer all your questions

To complete this system, a HELPDESK platform will be accessible via the website of the Directorate General of Taxes. Taxpayers will be able to find all the useful information there and ask their questions in the event of difficulty. A toll-free number, 8200, will also be made available to assist them in fulfilling their tax obligations. Enough to reassure those who are most reluctant about this new procedure.

Tax citizenship, the keystone to the success of this reform

By launching this major reform, the Minister of Finance calls for the good citizenship of all Cameroonian taxpayers. Because if online declaration represents undeniable progress in terms of simplification and modernization, it will only bear fruit if everyone plays the game and fulfills their tax obligations on time. A challenge that Cameroon must meet to ensure financing of its development and public services.

So, are you ready to take the step of electronic declaration? Go to before June 30, 2024 for your 2023 IRPP declaration! And do not hesitate to consult, your reference information site, to follow all the news on this major tax reform in Cameroon.

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