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“Best mistake of my life!” » She wins a million dollars by getting the lottery wrong

2024-04-04 12:02:40

In Virginia (United States), a woman became a millionaire… by mistake. In March, she wanted to buy a ticket to play Mega Millions and try to win the incredible jackpot of $893 million. An amount that attracted more than one. But without knowing it, she participated in another lottery, that of Powerball, and won a million dollars, says the American lottery on his website.

Facing the drawing machine, she pressed the wrong button and took a Powerball ticket instead of a Mega Millions ticket. And the numbers on this “accidental” ticket matched the winning numbers in the March 18 Powerball drawing. “This is the best mistake of my life!” My heart was pounding. It’s incredible ! », enthused the lucky winner, who had let the computer choose her numbers at random.

The story of this American woman is unlike that of a 24-year-old British man, who also became a millionaire “by accident” thanks to an online game of chance at the end of December. While playing ‘aimlessly’ on his phone while chatting with friends, he suddenly received a message saying: ‘Congratulations, you’ve won a million pounds. » He had first thought it was a mistake… which was ultimately not one.

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