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BCCI Calls Meeting of IPL Team Owners in Ahmedabad: Discussions on Player Retention, Right to Match Cards, and Profit Sharing

2024-04-02 12:53:00

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Ahmedabad: BCCI has called a meeting of IPL team owners. It has been announced that it will be held on April 16 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Ten team owners have also been invited.

IPL team owners are expected to attend the meeting along with their group of CEOs. It is reported that during this meeting, the problem in the IPL series is going to be discussed. In particular, the meeting is scheduled to discuss only ten team owners and BCCI President Roger Binny, Secretary Jay Shah and IPL President Arun Singh Dhumal.

It is said that BCCI will take many policy decisions related to IPL before the owners during this meeting. Primarily, next year’s IPL mega auction could be an important topic of discussion.

In particular, issues of player retention are expected to be a focal point of discussion. As per IPL rules, a team can retain a maximum of four players through the retain system. However, team owners have different opinions on this.

Some owners are demanding that the number of retained players be increased to eight. Some of the team owners believe that the number of players retained will help boost the teams’ brand value and fan base. In continuation of this, they are demanding to increase the number.

On the contrary, some owners are calling for a reduction in the number of players retained. In this way, it is considered that the debate on the retention method may take place after the lack of consensus.

Similarly, this consultative meeting may also discuss the introduction of Right to Match or RTM card system in mega auctions.

A Right to Match or RTM card gives team owners the opportunity to buy back a player they cannot retain before the auction. After the highest bid for a particular player is determined, the old team that released the player can re-retain the right to match for the same amount.

For example, let’s say that Umesh Yadav, who is currently playing for Gujarat, is decided not to be retained and released for auction. Accordingly, Umesh Yadav will be exempted from bidding. Speculatively during the auction, Umesh Yadav was bought by Delhi Capitals for Rs. 2 crores, the Gujarat team can use this Right to Match right for the same Rs. 2 crores to retain Umesh Yadav in their team.

This method was last used in the 2022 mega auction. The owners of the IPL teams are demanding to reintroduce it. This is likely to be reflected in the April 16 consultation.

Similarly, it has been reported that discussions on increasing the amount distributed to the teams in the profits from the IPL may also feature prominently.

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