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As the vulnerability of Syunik increased after the handover of the Goris-Kapan road, the same will happen in the case of Tavush. Abrahamyan – 2024-05-11 01:56:52

2024-05-11 01:56:52

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The problems that arise today in this political discussion have very deep consequences and they are placed in different tables, said Tigran Abrahamyan, the representative of the “I have honor” faction, in a conversation with journalists.

According to him, a part of it is placed in the condescension policy manifested in the negotiation processes, which opens a field of blackmail in the context of extracting and receiving other concessions from RA in the future. Then it causes big security problems, taking into account the 4+4 option, that is, the issue of 4 villages bordering Azerbaijan, and later also the issue of 4 enclaves. This is not merely a matter of moving communications that takes time and you can move. This axis, through which the highways and communications pass, had a tactical and strategic significance for the specific site. And in the future, the creation of new communications in the rear will not complete and solve all the issues that exist today.”

The deputy reminded that after the war, when the Goris-Kapan road was handed over, the authorities talked about communications and announced that they would build new, modern roads. “And what do we have in that part of Syunik? we have settlements that have been surrendered, communications that have been surrendered. As the vulnerability of Syunik marz increased in that case, the vulnerability of Tavush marz will also increase in this case. Note that these two marzes, about which I made observations in comparison, are of key importance in both cases from the point of view that one connects us with Georgia in the north, and one in the south with Iran.”

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