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As a substitute of the present political pseudo-elite, we should always have a military of statesmen. Ananyan – 2024-05-15 02:59:15

2024-05-15 02:59:15

Former SRC Chairman Davit Ananyan writes: “The next well-known phrases of the well-known statesman and former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir have been interpreted many instances by completely different politicians and political scientists on completely different events: “If the Arabs lay down their arms, there will likely be no extra violence, and if the Jews lay down their arms, there will likely be no extra Israel. You can’t negotiate with those that got here to kill you.”

These phrases mirror deep-rooted perceptions and emotions which have characterised the Israeli-Arab battle for many years. In essence, with these phrases, Golda Meir expressed the primary argument behind Israel’s protection and safety coverage: the notion that there’s a elementary existential risk from Arab nations and the Palestinians.

If for a second we attempt to “unfold” the political that means and characterization of those phrases to the Armenian-Azerbaijani (Turkish) existential downside, then from the standpoint of political science, it might interpret a number of vital facets.

1. Realism in worldwide relations. it’s essential to strategy worldwide relations from a practical standpoint, emphasizing state sovereignty and nationwide safety, and to understand the world as an antagonistic enviornment the place states are in a continuing wrestle for survival.

2. Safety. the method of turning overseas coverage issues into pressing and sometimes navy safety issues is usually inevitable. This attitude emphasizes that safety issues don’t all the time must straight derive from or be based mostly on objectively current exterior threats, they should be exactly constructed and carried out politically and selflessly.

3. Complexity of the peace course of. the assertion that it’s unimaginable to barter with those that have come to kill raises the query of the impossibility of attaining peace within the face of deep distrust and hostility, emphasizing the significance of belief and mutual ensures within the peace course of.

4. Protection ideology. this, in actual fact, could be briefly characterised by the existential wording mirrored in one among our military-patriotic songs: “We’re satisfied that there’s solely arms to save lots of the Armenians.” Clearly, the demise of the Armenian state may very well be the results of laying down its arms, so protection ideology should be central to many political and navy methods. This ideology emphasizes the significance of sustaining sturdy protection and navy capabilities to ensure nationwide safety.

It’s apparent that with a view to have such thinkers, as an alternative of the present political pseudo-elite, it’s essential to have a military of statesmen. However it isn’t essential to dream about it, however to type concrete agendas and act decisively, declaring the change of energy because the primary concern on the agenda.”

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