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A private American spacecraft entered orbit around the Moon – 2024-03-29 05:06:07

2024-03-29 05:06:07

A private American lander reached the Moon on Wednesday and entered low orbit. Tomorrow he will try to accomplish an even greater feat – to land on a gray, dusty surface, Day.Az reports with reference to Astronews.

A successful landing would allow the United States to return to work on the Moon for the first time since NASA astronauts ended the Apollo program in 1972. The company, if successful, would also become the first private enterprise to land on the Moon.

Intuitive Machines has confirmed that its Odyssey lander has entered orbit around the Moon. The lander is part of NASA’s program to develop the lunar economy; The space agency is paying $118 million to conduct experiments on the moon as part of the mission.

On Thursday, controllers will lower the orbit from 92 kilometers to 10 kilometers before aiming for a landing near the moon’s south pole. It’s a risky landing site because of the craters and cliffs, but it’s important to astronauts because the permanently shadowed craters are thought to contain frozen water.

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