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A former assemblyman, the son of the vice president, the former head of the CJ: new tenants of La Roca – 2024-04-04 12:41:25

2024-04-04 12:41:25

During the last weekend of March, the population in the Maximum Security Prison The rockin Guayaquil, grew exponentially with the transfer of people involved in cases of alleged corruption.

Until last week, authorities had reported – although without providing details – that more than 40 gang leaders are currently held incommunicado in La Roca. Among the latest transferred, however, are also a former legislator, the former president of the Judiciary Council and even the son of the vice president (a few days ago).

All investigated for alleged corruption. Luis Eduardo Zaldumbide, director of SNAI, explained to Ecuavisa that the detainees are in individual cells, they are safer, he said. Purge Case Pablo Muentes The former PSC legislator is prosecuted in the Metastasis case, he was taken to the Rock, on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

“Through his actions at odds with the Law, he would have controlled the administration of justice in Guayas to benefit his interests. He would be one of the leaders of the criminal organization,” assures the Prosecutor’s Office. Wilman Terán Metastasis Case The former president of the Judiciary Council, Wilman Teránwas transferred on the morning of March 30, 2024 to the maximum security prison, La Roca, in Guayaquil.

The Prosecutor’s Office says that he was part of a “criminal structure embedded in all levels of the state and directly linked to drug trafficking.” Nene Case Francisco Barreiro The Prosecutor’s Office is prosecuting Francisco Barreiro, son of Vice President Verónica Abad, for the alleged crime of offering to carry out influence peddling in the Vice Presidency of the Republic.

He was arrested in Cuenca, but will serve 90 days of preventive detention in La Roca Prison. Villavicencio Case Carlos Angulo Lara, alias ‘Invisible’ This subject would be the mastermind behind the murder of former presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, which occurred on August 9, 2023. According to investigations, ‘Invisible’ would have organized the murder from the El Inca prison, in Quito, a center where he has been held since 2022, for arms and drug trafficking.

Ninsi V., alias ‘El Chino’ Ninsi V., alias ‘El Chino’ who was recently arrested for being one of the alleged leaders of Los Choneros in Babahoyo, was transferred by military personnel from the Los Ríos prison to La Roca, maximum security center, in Guayaquil. He would be linked to crimes of murder, kidnapping and extortion. Another of those transferred the last weekend of March to La Roca was Velasco Pilamunga Julio Ernesto, who is identified as the leader of a terrorist organization, although there is no information about the case.


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