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13-year-old girl dies following rape

2024-03-30 20:01:29

A 13-year-old girl died Wednesday at the hospital where she had been admitted three weeks earlier following a rape, the Senlis prosecutor announced on Saturday, adding that three people were indicted in connection with investigation.

This teenager was raped on March 6 in Rantigny (Oise), about fifteen kilometers from Creil, indicates Loïc Abrial, Senlis prosecutor, in a press release. “Injured following this attack, (she) was hospitalized in serious condition, with a life-threatening prognosis” and died on Wednesday, he adds.

“A medico-legal autopsy will determine precisely the causes of death,” continues the prosecutor.

The alleged rapist in pre-trial detention

Three people were indicted on March 19 as part of an investigation opened the same day for “rape committed against a minor aged 15 by an adult with an age difference of at least 5 years” and failure to prevent of this crime. The referral to the investigating judge was extended following the death of the young girl to the classification of rape leading to death.

Among these three indicted, the alleged rapist, an adult, was placed in pre-trial detention. Two other people, “suspected of voluntary abstention from preventing a crime, were left free”, one, an adult, placed under judicial supervision, and the other, a minor, under provisional judicial educational measure, adds the prosecutor. “None has a criminal record,” he adds.

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