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[한국기행] This Is Korea Part 4 – Niall’s life in a village house in Gyeongju

[한국기행] This Is Korea Part 4 – Niall’s life in a village house in Gyeongju

A spring day when the land and sea of ​​Namdo beckon you to come. Real ‘Korea travel stories’ from green-eyed strangers who are ‘deeply’ passionate about traveling to Korea, and native foreigners who know Korea better than Koreans.

This is real Korea! Foreigners say they have the most fun in the most Korean places! Spring scenery that will captivate your eyes and mouth, as well as delicacies from all over the country! It captures the spring days of blue-eyed foreigners traveling or settling in the unfamiliar country of Korea.

This week (April 1-5) EBS 1TV current affairs and culture program <한국기행>5 episodes of ‘This Is Korea’ will be broadcast. Today (4th) at 9:35 PM, EBS <한국기행> In Part 4 of ‘This Is Korea’, ‘Nile’s Gyeongju Village Love Song’ will be aired.

Niall’s life in a village house in Gyeongju

[한국기행] This Is Korea Part 4 – Niall’s life in a village house in Gyeongju

Gyeongju, a coastal city with a beautiful sea.

There is a couple who lives 5 provinces and 2 villages away from the blue waves of Gyeongju?! The British husband, Niall Anthony Craven, and his Korean wife, Kim Seo-hyun, are said to have renovated their 70-year-old country house into a European style and come down to Gyeongju every weekend to heal their tired bodies and minds during the week.

Niall and his wife are busy taking care of the yard and cleaning the house. As they do not have the tools needed for pruning, the couple visits their best friend and neighbor, monk Deokseong, and borrows tools.

Time just for the two of us to finish our homework and do our homework. The two people go for a walk on a bicycle to ‘King Munmu’s Tomb’, which Niall, who is very interested in Korean history, likes.

It is said that Niall’s love of Korean history is such that even his Korean wife, Seohyun, holds out her tongue… What is the charm of Korea that Niall falls in love with?

Gampo Port in Gyeongju, on my way to meet my father-in-law who runs a boat business! The three people who met for the first time in a long time say hello and go to Gampo Public Market to go shopping for dinner. My father-in-law’s hands are getting heavier for Niall, who loves seafood…

A gorgeous sea table set up in the yard! The three people’s chopsticks can’t rest as they eat raw flounder, mugwort soup, and grilled clams. At this time, my father-in-law caught the eye of Niall’s signature ‘gwamegi sandwich’. She is a craftsman who takes a bite of a sandwich after hearing her son-in-law say he made it for her.

What does Niall’s gwamegi sandwich taste like? Niall, who fell in love with a Korean and is now in love with Korea, begins his life in a village house in Gyeongju.

EBS’ ‘Korea Travel’, a space travel in search of Korea’s hidden scenery and a beautiful time travel documentary program that allows you to feel and convey the scent of history, customs, architecture, and culture, is broadcast every Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM.

Reporter Park So-gi Photo = EBS Korea Travel


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