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[일요 시네마] Bushman – Queen Economy Queen

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<p>Today (May 12th) EBS1’s ‘Sunday Cinema’ will feature the film directed by Jamie Uis (Bushman).<원제:The Gods Must Be Crazy>) is broadcast.</p>
<p>Starring Nikau, Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo, etc. <부시맨>is a 1980 Botswana film.  Running time: 109 minutes.  Suitable for ages 12 and older.</p>
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In September 1980, there lives a minority race called the Bushmen, who lead a primitive life and retain their innocent humanity in the Kalahari, Africa. One day, a pilot flying over the village threw an empty Coke bottle. A tragic tragedy occurs over a disease they have never seen in their lives, and Chief Kai (Xixo: Nikau), who thinks the Bushmen are God’s belongings, sets out to return them to God at the end of the earth. As Kai passes through a village where white people live, unusual situations arise, and the innocent Kai clashes with civilized people due to differences in their lifestyles, and ends up in prison. However, he is freed with the help of a white scholar (Andrew Steyn, played by Marius Wayers) who studies the ecology of animals in the area, and a female reporter, Kate (Kate Thompson, played by Sandra Prinsloo), who help him with his research. At this time, when a communist terrorist group appears in the area, chased by the police, Kai’s actions help them arrest them and rescue the children who were held hostage. He then returns to his hometown, the Kalahari Desert, and reunites with his family.

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A comedy that made the whole world laugh about a bushman who causes a fuss over a ‘coke bottle’, an evil object that falls from an airplane. It is a very interesting work that features real Bushmen as the main characters and contains a harsh criticism of civilization. In the Kalahari Desert of Africa, the Bushmen still maintain their primitive lifestyle, and the Coke bottle, an amazing gift from God that fell from the sky, causes conflict and internal strife in their society. Because of this, the happenings of uncivilized people make the viewer laugh and think about many things.

Impression points:

The absurd events that occur when Jai, a bushman living in the Kalahari Desert in Africa, discovers a Coke bottle discarded by an airplane pilot are made into a film with a good mix of slapstick. A bushman is selected to kill an evil object (a Coke bottle) that he believes was dropped on the ground by God. During his journey, he meets a scientist and a teacher, and the two fall awkwardly in love with each other. Action was added here and it dealt with terrorists running away while being chased by government forces. Bushman Nikau’s smoke, which is a little less traditional and a little old-fashioned, provides a fresh taste.


Jamie Uys, from South Africa (1921-1996), was in charge of writing, editing, and producing the film ‘Bushman’. He received much love, including winning the Montreal Film Festival’s Popularity Award for ‘Bushman’ in 1983. He also directed ‘Bushman 2’, which was produced as a sequel. You can appreciate his humor and witty directing skills through all of his works.

EBS1’s ‘Sunday Cinema’, a program that shows carefully selected nostalgic masterpieces, airs every Sunday at 1:20 PM.

[Queen 김경은 기자] Photo = EBS Sunday Cinema


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